What are templates

Templates are a way for Extractor to know what format it should output. Templates form the sturture for CSV and XML outputs. You simply map your data to the template and we create the output for you.

Our Templates

Template Description Actions
GlobeTrack Supplier Supplier for GlobeTrack Core Convert Excel to GlobeTrack Supplier
Convert CSV to GlobeTrack Supplier
More Detail
MailChimp A sample template for mailchimp Convert Excel to MailChimp
Convert CSV to MailChimp
More Detail
Campaign Monitor A sample template for Campaign Monitor Convert Excel to Campaign Monitor
Convert CSV to Campaign Monitor
More Detail
SalesForce A sample template for SalesForce Convert Excel to SalesForce
Convert CSV to SalesForce
More Detail
Zoho CRM A Sample template for Zoho Leads Convert Excel to Zoho CRM
Convert CSV to Zoho CRM
More Detail
Shopify Shopify Product CSV Convert Excel to Shopify
Convert CSV to Shopify
More Detail
bigcommerce bigcommerce CSV Convert Excel to bigcommerce
Convert CSV to bigcommerce
More Detail

We're adding more templates all the time.

But you can always create your own templates, it's easy go check it out.

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