What is an API

An API is an application Programming interface it makes it really easy for developers to access the data contained in the file and pull that information.

Create an API

Extractor App makes it easy to turn your Excel or CSV file into an API that you can use or share.

Once your file is uploaded and we've imported the data it's a 1 click process. On the file details select "Create API"

You can give the API a name and description.

Public / Private API. With Extractor you can create a Public or Private API. If it is a private API you need to define the keys to access the API data.

Once you have created an API you will have a URL in the top right corner. api.extractorapp.com/api/data?token=

ExtractorApps API runs under both SSL and none ssl. So you can use https or http to access the data.

API Keys - If the API is private you need to have the API key to access the information. This uses basic auth in the headers to send the email and key.

The Key is generated by us. All you have to do is enter the Email.

Stats - Extractor tracks the stats and access to the API. If an access key is used we track that as well.

Sample Code

We have a sample C# application that uses both the public and private API

Check out a sample code

If you have any questions just get in touch.